"This is the third class I've taken by Mary Murphy and my favorite so far. She teaches a wide array of techniques and skills with a very gentle and flexible approach. I especially loved the section at the beginning on the colors in her palette and then the later discussions of color mixing. In every lesson, she gives many tips for thinking about composition, watercolor techniques and the importance of knowing the properties of different watercolor pigments. When you post a project or question, she will respond with great information and encouraging feedback. Great teacher, great project, great class!" 
--Review by Robin Edmundson
"Yay! Not your typical watercolor class. 
"Mary Murphy's class is a beautiful marriage of organized presentation and intriguing techniques. I like the fact that we covered ideas you don't typically see in all the watercolor books out there. Using complementary colors as an underpainting, and scaling up a drawing with the diagonal trick are practical and fun techniques I'll enjoy using.
"The website functionality makes this class user friendly, but Mary's relaxed pacing and personal stories (pets and people!) add a warmth which makes it easy for me to ask questions. I have a long way to go to develop my watercolors, but Mary gave me some great tools to take along with me."
--Review by Anonymous
"I couldn't be more pleased with this course! Mary Murphy's paintings are vibrant, transparent, and really capture the magic of watercolour. She's an excellent presenter & instructor. She explains exactly what she is doing, and why - she's very clear and articulate. The camera work gets in very close and you can see how she is using the brush and applying the paint, as she describes her own process. She covers a broad range of techniques, and I feel I really I learned a great deal from her. Highly recommended."
--Review by Wood

Painting What's Around Us: Watercolor in Quarantine
May 24 - June 14, 2020
See Viewarts.org website for information and to register.
Ink and Watercolor Sketching; View arts center, Old Forge, NY via Zoom
Once a week, February 21 through March 14, 2021.
See this link to sign up. 
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